Rm note-“A long way to go”

Time flies so quickly ,more than 3 weeks have past since i came here. When i review what have happened ,i suddenly found what i can do is very limited and maybe there is a long way to go for me.

Every morning i seek for translators on some translation web sits like 1x1y,translator’s home as usual. I send invitation-mails to them and even add their QQ No. and try to be polite as i can to talk with them .I found someone are always busy and they can not reply me as soon as possible and someone even give me a high price they needed ,evenly i got a reply to which i sent a invitation half month ago said he just put my mail as trash and just found it recently though he has kindly accepted it.

Why is it so difficult to find a qualified translator and why my efficiency is so low?I have to open up more channels to find them and read some negotiation books to hunt their heart though feeling a little disappointed ,i keenly know i have to take measures to select it asap. There may be a long way to go for me .

My other duty is to notify someone coming to our company for interview ,for english translators,everytime i test them and find out their thinking ways are difficult according their expression and i can just find out some obvious mistakes and hardly evaluate their level, so i usually send them to our producers to check them.

Sometimes i tried to read some english web like harvard extension school ,the first video i see was so strange to me and i hardly understand what was said inside and even i see the original article ,it’s hard for me got its meaning totally.

My enlish is so poor that it is also a long way to go for me. It is so nice if i can do it perfectly one day and that time it may be more quick for me to give interviewees feedback.
As i have to search a plenty of information every day and i usually have a lot of files to sort, everyday it takes me a lot of time, i always feel upset about it and if i have something to do suddenly when i am sorting them, i have to stop to do other things and when i am free i find my files still mess up… What is more, it is also necessary for me to learn something about statistics of administration and finance …..
There is a long long way to go for me in many many hands.