Will Taxi Apps Bring Us Smart Taxi?


As taxi apps become smarter, experts predict they will sync with social networks and calendars to provide an even more efficient and tailored service to their passengers. Here comes the rise of the smart taxi.


TVs in the back of cabs could automatically change channel based on a user’s likes or dislikes, for example, or drivers could anticipate when and where a passenger will need a ride – even before the customer does.


The app will know when you are leaving aclient meeting and send a taxi to meet you.


And as wear ables increase in popularity,waving a hand to hail a cab will easily be detected by an electronic ring or wristband.


Within the next five years, as self-driving technologies become more mainstream, futurologists predict that many cars will converge with the high street.


In addition to carrying passengers,self-driving cars, as well as traditional taxis, may also become delivery drivers.


This means people could order a taxi to collect dry cleaning, for example, or deliver medicine using a single app.

来源:新东方 https://yingyu.xdf.cn/yd/tech/201410/10164863.html

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