240,000 Apps Available on the Unreleased Amazon Mobile Phone

据亚马逊官方公告,6 月 18 日亚马逊将在西雅图举办一场活动,发售亚马逊的 3D 智能手机。亚马逊的产品线将更加完善,涵盖智能手机、平板电脑、阅读器、流媒体视频盒子。

Amazon will hold an event in Seattle on June 18 to release its 3D smartphone, according to its official announcement. So Amazon will have a more complete product line, covering smartphones, tablets, readers and streaming video boxes.

拥有足够多的优质 App 无疑是吸引用户购买手机的一个不错的理由。据 TheVerge 报道,亚马逊  里的 App 数量较去年翻了三倍,已经有有超过 24 万个戏和应用程序,在 200 多个国家地区可以下载使用。此外,Android 平台的许多应用都是可以在亚马逊的设备上运行的。

Undoubtedly, the availability in high-quality apps as many as possible is a good reason to attract users to buy mobile phones. As TheVerge reported, the number of the apps in Amazon App Store has increased by four times that of the previous year. More than 240,000 games and apps can be downloaded and used in over 200 countries and regions. In addition, many apps on the Android platform can run on the Amazon device.

亚马逊 AppStore 的成功来自于亚马逊的运营。依靠多年电商经验指导,亚马逊从刚推出 AppStore 开始,就会对提交 AppStore 的应用进行严格的审核,保证 App 质量。同时,每天会选择一款精品应用,免费提供给用户下载,并支付给开发者原价格的 20%,保证用户的使用频率和开发者的热情。由于亚马逊顾客付费习惯好,亚马逊的开发者的收入至少不会比 Google Play 少。亚马逊深度定制的 Android 系统已经吸引了越多越多的开发者,上个月新加入的开发人员数量较一年前翻了一番。

The great success of Amazon App Store comes from its operations. With years of experience as an e-commerce enterprise, Amazon has had strict reviews on the apps submitted to its App Store to guarantee high quality since App Store first appeared. At the same time, Amazon will choose a top-quality app for free download every day and pay 20% of the original price to the developers to maintain the use frequency of users and the enthusiasm of developers. Due to the good payment habits of Amazon customers, the developers for Amazon will not earn less than those for Google Play. The Android system heavily customized by Amazon has attracted more and more developers. The number of the new developers last month is double that of the same time of last year.


It’s no doubt that Amazon is hyping its mobile phone through such data disclosed before the day when its smartphone is put on sale in two ways: enhancing users’ willingness to buy and attracting more developers to join.

From: The 36Kr

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