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When it comes to transcription services, there are many aspects that can affect quality results. In any cases, depending on the industry, inaccurate transcriptions can lead to a disastrous outcome – some having legal repercussions. For this reason alone, CCJK ensures that each of our professional transcriptionists work diligently to provide nothing less than 100% accuracy. We provide a wide array of transcription services from both audio transcription and video transcription such as medical transcription, legal transcription,  and even transcription translation – all that can boost your proficiency and production output.

What is Transcription?

Transcription services enable your business to create content documents from video or audio recordings, giving you an accessible hardcopy to verbal communication. While this is exceptionally common and important in the legal industry, transcription services can be advantageous to any industry at any given time.

Reliable Voice Transcription

Voice transcription services can be vital in many cases such as court appearances and legal proceedings. Any members of the medical community also incorporate these types of services to ensure quality and timeliness for their patients. However, once these recordings are created, how long does it take to transcribe them into paper documents? CCJK utilizes experienced transcriptionists that have mastered the art of shorthand to create prompt turnarounds for your orders.

Obtaining Reliable Medical Transcription Services

In the medical world, accurate transcription services can be vital to the health of each patient. We provide accurate and diligent audio transcription services to ensure that each client receives clear, direct and precise transcriptions of each patient file. This reduces the amount of error found in fast-paced environments to write out medical notes as the day goes on. Our affordable services can be advantageous to our clients without increasing their overhead.

Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription services are of great importance to attorneys, court reporters and civilians alike. Having an accurate transcription of all legal proceedings and depositions can help all parties involved in legal matters protect themselves with accuracy. CCJK ensures a timely turnaround for all orders to accommodate all court appearances, appeals and review periods.

The Importance of Accurate Audio Transcription

Any factors can affect the accuracy of audio transcription such as language barriers, sound and clarity of the recordings. Our team of trained transcriptionists are experienced in all industries, are multicultural and exceptional with shorthand. This ensures that all audio transcriptions are translated with accuracy. We strive to provide our clients with prompt accuracy that can increase their production and reputation with their clients.

Transcription Translation

Since many industries, especially in a legal or medical environment include audio recordings involving interpreters, our staff is trained to provide quality transcription translation services as well. This ensures that despite the languages found on the recordings, our clients receive all of the pertinent information in their native languages. While we provide exact transcription services based on the recording received, our final product also contains the translation of the recording in multiple languages to ensure accuracy.

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