It is the fourth year I work in CCJK as a translator now. I think it is time for me to think about what I have got from here.

I have to say, translating is not an easy job. There is always so much to learn, source language, target language, knowledge of any field you work on. It is not like an outsider think: you read the line and immediately know how to translate it.

It is not like interpreting because most of the projects we deal with are much more technical than those sentences a person speak in daily life. So it is very difficult to make it as professional as possible.

What I am trying to do now is to improve myself both professionally and linguistically. During the years working here, I have learnt a lot from work. I know how to use various CAT tools, how to look up information from the internet, both my English and Chinese have improved a lot, although I know there are still a long way to go.

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I know that work can get tough at times. Sometimes some clients just do not like the work you do. When this happens, I used to get upset and think why I was so unlucky, but now I would try to think positively take it as an opportunity to improve myself: this means I must have not done a good job, I have to work harder and see what I have done wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, only the one that learns can benefit from it. It is the way we handle it that counts.

There are times when you get really tired of this job. Translating everyday makes you feel like a machine. But let us be honest, are there any jobs that you would never be tired of? The way to do a good job is try to love your work instead of finding the ideal job. Even for a job that you think you love, you would still get tired of it as time goes by.

I know that because I used to think translating was an ideal job for me before I took this job. When you got tired, what you have to do is stop to take a break and maybe just do something else for a change. After that you would be revived again.

Anyways, I think I will still do this for a very long time. I love this job and I am trying my best to improve.