The gaming market is exponentially growing. With over 2.2 billion gamers across the globe generating $108.9 billion in in-game revenues, it’s one of the biggest industries in the world.

Consequently, the possibility of game development as an art form has been emboldened vis-a-vis Technological progress. Technical and narrative complexity has been acquired by video games. Products are now widely consumed that once were targeted to audiences of a specific age range or niche.

Translation and localization of games have become obligatory if companies want their products to reach an international customer base.

To present the story and the challenges within the games, it’s imperative to maintain the tone of a game’s narration. Moreover, there are a lot of details that won’t make sense across cultures when directly translated such as idioms.

Video game localization companies ensure that your game doesn’t get translated in a way that offends your audience. While impacting your new audience, they will meticulously localize your game to maintain its core.

Following are the Top 10 IOS and Android Game localization Companies

  1. CCJK
  2. Mars Translation
  3. Stepes
  4. LevelUpTranslation
  5. Tomedes
  6. Onehour Translation
  7. Gengo
  8. TranslatePlus
  9. DayTranslations
  10. Espresso Translations


To make a long-lasting impact on consumers, CCJK’s comprehensive translation services give the competitive edge for attracting the international gamer community.

To help their clients grab the global gaming market’s share, CCJK offers all kinds of online and offline video game localization services. Working with special attention to detail, CCJK has a well-trained and experienced team of translators and localization experts. Your mobile game is tested by top experts, once it is translated.

Everything is localized by experienced professionals, from text to graphics and voiceovers. This is done to ensure that your ios and android game is globally accessible by passionate gamers.

For all genres of video games, CCJK provides localization services. Some of these genres include; Action games, simulation games, escape games, shooting games, and adventure games.

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2. Mars Translation

Garnering international acclaim and success over other industries, the gaming industry is on its way to becoming a huge industry. The need for game translation across multiple devices and multiple languages is exponentially increasing.

Ensuring the maintenance of game translation services, Mars Translation’s expert linguists tackle these challenges for their clients. Throughout the game localization company, process maintenance of the game translation quality is ensured by them. They have expertise in more than 100 global languages. Moreover, games are translated seamlessly into the game language of your target market across multiple devices such as IOS and Android.

Through their regional formatting and design of games, they are able to enhance the user experience. For maximum impact and reach for the global audience, Mars Translation gets your games translated at market-competitive and affordable rates.

Another factor that sets MarsTranslation apart from its competitors is that its clients can ask for reassessments and multiple quality tests.

3. Stepes

Helping gaming companies engage international players with the best IOS and Android video game language services, Stepes provides linguistically accurate and gamer-centric language translations.

They can deliver the best game language services on demand. Because they have all the linguistic resources and industry-leading game localization technologies. Many of their video game translator are gamers themselves, and not just professional linguists. Hence, they can resonate with your international audience while ensuring the most fluent language translations.

The global gaming demographics have been fundamentally changed by the modern smartphone. For the best gameplay experience, gaming consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo are quite popular. However, nowadays, people prefer to download video games from Google Play and Apple App Store as mobile applications.

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, mobile game translation demands have skyrocketed. For iOS and Android devices, Stepes, a video game localization agency, provides expert mobile game translation services with quality. The accuracy and speed of professional game translations have dramatically improved due to Stepes’s revolutionary in-context video game translation solutions.

4. LevelUpTranslation

Video game translation is often set as a lower priority of game development or is overlooked. However, if it’s properly planned and carefully executed, it can actually help you guarantee significant ROI.

Offering a complete range of game translation services, Level Up Translation has a dedicated team of video game industry veterans. If you want your game to grow its user base, LevelUp Translations game translators will localize your apps and games.

Moreover, if you want your game’s localization to feel natural and not just error-free, LevelUp Translations is one of the best options out there. During their localization process, they focus on using appropriate first-party terminology, meeting compliance requirements, and speak to the players, and learning about their culture.

In over 20+ languages, including Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, LevelUp Translations deliver impeccable localized versions of your indie or AAA games.

5. Tomedes

One industry that has challenged the movie business is the Gaming industry. With rapidly growing gaming communities in countries like Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Germany, the demand for gaming is also increasing. Companies that market their games in foreign countries can attain huge profits as well

Tomedes is one such organization. In countries that do not speak any other language besides their native language, Tomededs offer translations for android and iOS games. They have a global pool of highly qualified professional translators who themselves are gamers and understand the world of gaming very well.

This enables them to keep in touch with the lingo and technical terms used in the gaming industries, which ultimately keeps the entertainment part intact. Because if every aspect is translated exactly into the desired languages, it may eradicate the excitement that was enabled by the original language. Hence, only professional gamers who understand such intricacies can localize gaming applications.

6. Onehour Translation

With just a click of a button, mobile games have the potential to engage and convert global user bases. Technical, yet creative content can be understood by gamers of all backgrounds. And that is something that Onehour Translation offers.

OneHour Translation can grab players’ attention and keep them playing longer through their localization services. They provide video sequencing texts, user commands, in-game dialogues, accurate and consistent translation of console instructions. This is what grabs the user’s interest and gets them hooked on the game.

To avoid wastage of funds on repeating content, Onehour Translation precisely translates important data contained in Android XML and Apple iOS Strings. In addition, clients’ gaming website’s content is molded in compliance with the local languages. The audience’s needs and sensitivities are also taken into account by adapting to the culture of the target audience.

Enticing players to return and play again and again, Onehour Translation’s experts will help clients to maintain clear and consistent texts across the game’s entire UI.

7. Gengo

Gengo has a community of game testers, together with their parent company Lionbridge. Moreover, experienced and seasoned translators who have specialized in linguistics are the ones who are assigned to do the translations. They can understand the artistic prose, tone, and semantic meaning of the text. In addition, they analyze the game dialogues which concoct the basis of the entire storyline of the game.

User experience is crucial for Gengo’s translation experts. Tutorials, overlays, and in-game menus are efficiently translated by their translators. Moreover, to provide the best gaming experience for users in their native language, Gengo makes sure the grammar of the translated language is accurate.

One thing that can bring a huge amount of organic traffic and downloads for your mobile apps is App descriptions. The app description is arguably the most important tenet for ios and Android applications. It’s the first impression of your game as well as your organization. If you do not get this right, your game would never get downloaded. Hence, this is something that Gengo considers the make-or-break element.

8. TranslatePlus

Offering clients a tailored approach, specific to gaming localization, Jackpot Translation specializes in all areas of gaming. These include video game translation, gambling, and sporting translations.

When it comes to your multi-language and multi-jurisdiction language requirements, Jackpot Translation offers a cost-effective solution. They offer tracking translated strings for regulatory compliance, localizing game software, and writing content in a bespoke multilingual authoring platform.

Jackpot Translation consistently outperforms its competitors. This is because they combine their customizable technology when it comes to android and ios applications. Moreover, they reduce their time to market, enable wider reach, and deliver engaging content.

If clients want to streamline their translation process, then Jackpot Translation’s game translation services are a very good option. Furthermore, Jackpot Translation has developed a unique translation management system called iPlus. This is specifically directed towards translating android and ios game applications.

9. DayTranslations

To adapt to the new market, DayTranslation’s localization specialists run your game through a thorough process. This includes the degree of adaptation based on the target market demographics plus identifying all entities that require adaptation.

Moreover, their specialized gaming translators perform game voice-over services, manual translations, and UX/UI localization. And they do not compromise when it comes to connecting gaming localization specialists who are familiar with the native language and culture of the target audience.

In addition, they perform game testing which involves becoming familiar with design assets and written concepts. Game translations, game subtitling, and game voiceovers are something that DayTranslations focuses upon. Meanwhile, implementations and development of changes are done periodically. So that the consumer does not get bored and keeps on enjoying the game apps. This has only been possible by confirming everything is in working order vis-a-vis rigorous quality assurance.

10. Espresso Translations

Completed by expert linguists who are also avid gamers, Espresso Translations offers android game translation and ios game translation services in over 150 languages.

For users around the globe to engage and interact with your game no matter what language they speak, Espresso Translations, focus on accuracy, subtlety, and above all a natural-sounding translation.

Utilizing the visual more than the verbal is something that almost all app-based games tend to focus upon. However, ensuring that there is a perfect chime with what you are trying to convey with the text and audio of the game is something that Espresso Translations intends to capitalize upon.


Over the past few years, the android and ios gaming industry has witnessed considerable momentum. New technological methods and efficient processes have enabled the gaming industry to become one of the highest-grossing industries.

There are millions and millions of gamers around the world. People who cannot afford to buy gaming consoles like Ps5 and Xbox direct their energies toward mobile applications. Because it is cost-effective, there is a huge market for it as well.

And many translation services around the world are competing against each other to provide the best translation services for mobile game applications.

The list we have shared with you will provide you with a holistic view of which organizations are at the top of their game. But it is for you to decide which firm best fits your aims and goals.

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