Who We Are

As an ISO certified multilingual solution provider, CCJK has been leading in the industry for almost two decades, providing language services to companies in various industries and in partnership with translation agencies around the world.

By investing a major percentage of the earnings along with our persistent attention in our IT division, and recruiting a large number of professional engineers all around the world, CCJK is able to provide one-stop solution in multilingual website construction, software localization, mobile app localization, online interpretation, multilingual e-learning development, video transcription and subtitling and multilingual desktop publishing etc.

Founded in 2000, CCJK started the business by offering outsourcing services to those established translation agencies seeking accountable partners. With promises of consistently high quality and good prices, it soon gained the trust and mounting orders from our clients. Excellent business ethics and quality-centric operation earned it reputation and direct clients from all business sectors. At the moment, CCJK is in competitively healthy business ties with more than 1000 loyal clients worldwide.

CCJK is home to more than 5,000 elite resources spreading in almost all regions of the world, and the number is still growing. We are looking forward to seeing more and more talents joining us in the near future to deliver the right service to help our clients tackle every practical concern and problem. We know all what we need to know and want to know clients more about what they might need, so we can work out objective-oriented solutions for different group of clients and deliver the projects that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. With CCJK, our clients can always find the solutions and make the most of our quality services.

Professional Elites

The company only assigns projects to the most appropriate resources with according industry expertise, so that service quality can be secured at an optimum level. The internal and external rating systems for job evaluation help us ensure that every resource we dispatch for a project is among the top best in the world.

Quality Assurance

Over the starting decade, CCJK forged a special rating mechanism along with a streamlined quality assurance system, which incorporates strict workflows to guarantee consistent high quality for both language and IT services it delivers.

Competitive Prices

We understand price matters, especially for businesses with tight budgets. Normally, we are following our well-established workflows to save cost for our clients and maintain a high quality at the same time. But we can also help our clients further to save more money according to different requirements from the clients upon demands.

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