R System Case Study

About the project

R system wants to localize their official English website into Korean. Keeping with its long standing commitment to the international market and helping development of its flagship in Korean. The client offered us the link pages to translate, we have to download the html file and convert them into TTX file for our translators. And finally deliver the doc bilingual translated file to the client. It is helpful and convenient for client’s internal website engineer to copy the Korean translation to the prepared mirror site.

/ by Chelsea

Case study zolo

Zolo is an American company founded in 1986 by BYRON GLASSER & SANDRA HIGASNI,whose main products is creative toys for children. Attracting attention for its ground-breaking creativity, open-ended play, defiance of toy industry age and gender stereotypes, and unique organic building forms, ZoLo quickly developed a loyal following. It has won several awards including the Accent on Design Best New Product in the NY International Giftshow. More than 20 years later, ZoLo has since been recognized by the Toy Industry of America in their Commemorative Book, 100 Years of the Power of Play, in which ZoLo is cited for its influence in the world of play along with some of the most well-known and beloved toys of our time.

/ by Grace