Vocabulary gap

What is the phenomenon of language vocabulary vacancy. Something can be clearly expressed by some words in a language, but may difficult to express in …

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Methods to expand vocabulary

Communication is one weapon that can help you climb the success ladder in every sphere of your life, be it your personal life or your …

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Extension meaning of the word

As we know, vocabulary contains two different national English-Chinese customs and habits, therefore sometimes the meaning of some vocabulary …

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Summary of Oral Interpretation Techniques

The main purpose of learning English is commincate with foreigners. While the development of transaltion can be divided into 2 parts: written translation and oral interpretation. Currently the work we engaged in is related to written translation. The main features of written translation largely depend on translation quality and speed. Since we are rarely touched with oral interpretation, therefore we do not understand the difference between oral interpretation and written translation. According to my previous working experience. According to my previous work experience, some basic interpretation techniques are summarized as follows:

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The way to improve reading skill

When we mention that how to improve the reading level, people will think of the answer: read more. This is of course true that practice makes perfect, which is well known by everyone. However, how to practice to ensure the reading quality?

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