Translation is the Art

Translation is a peculiar art. It was so strange, because the translator should be like the musicians to understand the work of others first, and then …

/ by sharon

Translator Localization

Localization can be divided into the enterprise market localization, localization, production and technology localization, website localization, software localization, talent localization, the game localization according to its category.

/ by miya

Basic Rules for PM

A successful project manager is one who can envision the entire project from start to finish, and have the prowess to realize this vision. Managing any project requires a host of skills ranging from communications, product or service-specific acumen and project organization. Managing a language project requires following skills as well.

/ by candy

Trans – Purpose of Translation part II

The fourth ancient purpose is to translate the world’s great books, the universal works in which the human spirit is enshrined and lives: poetry, ogy, sociology and politics, of individual and social behavior. These are the works which, in principle, should be retranslated for each generation, where the universal outweighs the cultural.

/ by cecilia