Common Issues in Primary Translation

Being a translator is almost about half a year, starting from a newcomer whom even doesn’t know any translation tools and guide style, now becoming an advanced enhancer to master various translation tools and strictly follow the translation guide style from customers, they are really a great treasure to me. Although acquired a lot of skills and mastered some useful knowledge, but as a green hand, I will make a lot of mistakes and list out these issues below for other newcomers to learn and obtain some inspirations to prevent making similar mistakes.

/ by edison

How to import TBX files into Trados Translation Memory (TMX)

TBX, short as TermBase eXchange, is an open, XML-based standard used for interchange of terminology data including detailed lexical information. It has been approved as an international standard by the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

/ by chinos

How to extract new sentences

For projects with huge volume and tight delivery date, we all know we have to get more translators involved; to split the source should be the first idea which comes into our mind. However, we also have to meet the issue of inconsistency. We know consistency is regarded as the paramount factor in the translation of the localization industry. After all, localization is not literature. It is not allowed to appear difference way of expression for the same sentence or phrase in localized materials. It is obvious that the inconsistency will appear anywhere of the translation as several translators are involved.

/ by icy