Elementary Understanding of Trados

Through I knew Trados for a long time ago, I do not really know how it works until I try to use it one year ago. I also work as a translator then, but we do not use this kind of translation tools in work, only some translation dictionaries, like Kingsoft, Youdao, etc. When I used it at the first time,

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Trados 2011 初感受

Trados 2011版本出了2月有余。一直无缘使之。最近因为某客户准备升级到使用2011版本,再次接触之。

Trades2011在出版之前,已经做了长久的宣传,大抵功能都之前有了些了解。从我的角度来看,是对trados …

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Basic Operation of Workbench

Workbench provides great help to translate files which can be directly opened by word, such as rtf, doc, txt and other file formats. Other file formats such as mif that can’t be opened in word, then convert it to rtf format, same rule for html file, that should be convert to rtf format before using workbench for translation.

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常规处理json数据都是在网页上处理的,直接在网页上利用javascript的eval()进行读取。所以实际上我也可以这么来做,但考虑方便处理,尝试寻找一下有没软件能够处理这方面的数据。就是它,Altova …

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