Trados 2011 初感受

Trados 2011版本出了2月有余。一直无缘使之。最近因为某客户准备升级到使用2011版本,再次接触之。

Trades2011在出版之前,已经做了长久的宣传,大抵功能都之前有了些了解。从我的角度来看,是对trados …

/ by motta

TRADOS _ Translation Memory

For some long-term project which needs to maintain the consistency and accuracy throughout the project, we should familiar with some CAT tools, because CAT tools help us to maintain translation memories and use previously translated sentences/phrases/words. They also save lot of time as previously translated sentence need not to be translated again.

/ by susanna

Brief introduction to Trados

Trados is the most common used CAT tool in the world; most of people have ever used it.
It is not only helpful to translators for translation, bust also facilitate the work for PM to handle projects.

/ by icy