A special way to resurrect A TM

As all of us know that a complete set of TM consists of five files (tmw, iix, mdf, mtf, mwf), however, there is still some translators who are not so familiar with Trados may send you such “TM”. If only tmw file is available, it cannot be opened. We should be provided the completed five files or txt/tmx file exported from TWB.
Supposed that you are only provided a .tmw file is there a way to get usable TM? Yes, don’t worry; this is a very easy, but effective ways to “create” a usable TM based on the single tmw file.

/ by icy

TRADOS _ Translation Memory

For some long-term project which needs to maintain the consistency and accuracy throughout the project, we should familiar with some CAT tools, because CAT tools help us to maintain translation memories and use previously translated sentences/phrases/words. They also save lot of time as previously translated sentence need not to be translated again.

/ by susanna