Professional Translation in Engineering

There are outstanding features in engineering translation such as greater professionalism, a wide range of field involved and large projects, etc. It is recognized as a field always with large projects in the translation industry. You will encounter not only professional construction terms but also professional translation involved legal aspects (like the tender invitation/tender), and mechanical aspects (like installation and operation instructions for large equipments), and in other fields, such as animal husbandry and environmental protection, etc. All of these need a combination of multi-field professional knowledge to well complete the translation of each project.

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Elementary Understanding of Trados

Through I knew Trados for a long time ago, I do not really know how it works until I try to use it one year ago. I also work as a translator then, but we do not use this kind of translation tools in work, only some translation dictionaries, like Kingsoft, Youdao, etc. When I used it at the first time,

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