Multilingual SEO: How to Improve Your Page Ranking

Did you know, you require 3.5 google searches per day to rank high for customers to view your content. Want to get heavy traffic to your website? For this, you should follow google rules. The best way to increase the traffic on your site to follow Multilingual SEO. In today’s digital world, global organizations are […]

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Washing Machine Multilingual Manual DTP Case Study

About the project

The client wants to make desktop publishing for the translated washing machine manuals. As we all know, desktop publishing (DTP) synthesizes the capabilities of graphic design, typesetting in one integrated, cost effective software and hardware configuration. Languages required are Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Adobe Illustrator is a must for this project. The final work should keep the same typefaces and type sizes with the previous manual.

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How to successfully manage a multilingual localization project (2)

Consistency plays a critical role in a success localization project, especially when the multilingual project turns out to be big on long-term basis and many linguists are engaged for each language. By taking advantage of three tools: glossary, style guide, and translation memory, one can expect to maximize consistency in the localization project.

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How to successfully manage a multilingual localization project (1)

As one of the leading players in the localization world, CCJK has ten years of experiences in helping international client successfully tapping into both mature Western European and Northern America markets and emerging markets such as BRIC by localizing their products and services into more than 45 popular languages. In this article, we will brief how CCJK works with client to successfully manage a multilingual localization project.

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