What is Medical Translation & How to Become a Medical Translator

Medical translation is one of the critical translations because human health and life depend upon it. The major challenge that comes with medical translation is that medical terminologies vary in every country. The medical translator should be aware of these terminologies.   Moreover, they need to keep themselves updated with every new research in the […]

/ by John M.Olson

Some Common Sentence Pattern in Medical Translation (1) 

1 强调句
It is (was) …that…
  这是一种强调句型,用来强调“that 从句”前面的成分(主语、宾语、状语等),这个“that” 在指物时也可用“which,在指人时也可用 who (whom) 来代替that 。翻译时可把这种强调结构译为“是……”、“正是……”、“就是……”等。

/ by felicity