On Introduction of Email Marketing tools

As sales, all you need to demonstrate the benefit of email marketing and attract your potential clients to buy your product and services. Therefore a functional and intuitive Email marketing tool will help to yield twice the result with half the effort. Here I recommend two popular email marketing tools to you, hope it will contribute great success on your marketing campaign.

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Practical Guide – How to Count the Words in PDF Files Quickly for Quotation?

Recently I received a lot of PDF files from the client and had to quote the total price in a quick time. How can we count the words in a PDF file effectively? This is a very practical question that comes up at regular intervals. Here I am introducing some practical guides based on summing up the experience of some professionals in translation and localization industry.

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Effective Marketing Tools in Translation Business

Which marketing tool has brought you the most clients? Email marketing, social media marketing, promotion at trade fairs, cold calling, word of mouth? As the statistic shows in one poll, 50% of people voted for word of mouth. They regarded word of mouth as the most effective way in promoting translation services. 35% of people worked well in email marketing. Social medial marketing as a new tool in recent years, about 10% of people have received good results in this method. Only 5% of people would like to promote translation business at trade fairs. And no one voted for cold calling.

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