Four aspects which affect project management

During the process of project management, I think there are four elements including which need to be considered, which are cost, quality, schedule, continuous development of power respectively. To be a good project manager, the four elements should be integrated well by us, then comprehensive plan the whole project, arrange the project group make plans, implement every stages as per the schedule.

/ by janet

how to make time-arrangement well

Learn to manage the working time well is very important for us, which means how to organize work plan more efficiently, the main points, rational and effective use of working time. In short, the goal is to master emphases of the work, which is a kind of self-management.

/ by janet

how to manage the projects well

We all had an experience when we were still a student: to learn a law or a curriculum well, we often have to do a lot of practices, to use tactics to achieve our ultimate goal. But this way often made us physically and mentally exhausted. I think when we worked extremely hard to complete a task, there is no need for us to rush to do other things, but to stop and think, what method we used, by which means we ultimately reach the goal. I think we can learn to summarize – which is a good way to nurture an efficient work habits!

/ by janet