Bluesignature Case Study

As the old website of Bluesignature has not been used for a very long time, the client hoped CCJK to help to develop a brand new website on Magento so that it will help to expand their business.

/ by Sharon

Magento Case Study ( is an online store in Hong Kong for pet food, pet supplies and pet accessories. When it comes to purchasing pet supplies online, customers ask for a customized experience in which they can easily view different kinds and brands to find the suitable pet food, pet supplies or pet accessories for their beloved pets.

/ by Grace



很多朋友在使用Magento的属性的时候,都是要把后台属性组里添加的属性给显示到网站上去.不同的属性有着不同的调用方式 . 之前找到了很多相关的资料都是很零碎的,我将相关的属性方面的资料整理了一下,下面就先介绍一些Magento属性调用的方法.


/ by Kevin