Croatian translation service

Croatia is a republic country located in southeastern Europe, at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, the Pannonian plain, and its major ethnic is Croats (89.9%), minority contains Serbs (4.5%), Bosniaks, Hungarians.

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How Much Do You Know "Catalan"?

Catalan (Català), also known as the Valencia language (Valencià) in some areas, belongs to the Indo-European family Romance languages​​, is one of the official language of Spain. About 12,000,000 people are using it, who located in Spain, France, Andorra and Italy, where most of the users are in Spain. As in countries, only Andorra has Catalan as its only official language. However, it is also regarded as an official language in Spain, Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.

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