Case Study – Professional Multilanguage Translation of Game

About the Project The client requested us to translate a game into 10 languages (Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Korean, Indonesian). The game is named Fruit Ninja and used for Mobile phone. The file format is excel. Challenges It should be translated into 10 languages. The client’s requirements and/or the […]

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Influence of Cultural Factors on Trademark Translation

Trademark, as a person’s name, is a symbol of commodity. With the continuous expansion of the commodity exchange, trademarks become more and more famous. In order to hold a larger market share, a commodity should have relative high quality. To a large extent, it also depends on the understanding and acceptance by consumers.

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Translation of numerals

Some numerals in English are equivalent translation while translated into Chinese. However, many numerals cannot be equivalent translation or not need to translate.

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Language and translation

I think leaning language does a good job to translation, similarly, do a translation work is good for leaning language.

When someone who is doing …

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Language statistics

world languages, Longest word in the English language,Number of living languages,English, Mandarin Chinese,,Greek

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