Mobile Matrices

Mobile Matrices

This is an attempt to compile a list of relevant specifications for all modern smart phones and mobile internet devices. It …

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Getting Started Using HTML5 Boilerplate

Getting Started Using HTML5 Boilerplate Whether we like it or not, HTML5 is all the rage now days. With the recent news on “code name” Windows 8’s upcoming support for HTML5 and JavaScript that hype has intensified even more. I’m personally in favor of what HTML5 brings to the table although I do worry about […]

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Future of HTML 5 game

Future of HTML5
Technology through the development of HTML5, the threshold for users to access mobile games will be greatly reduced. Numerous class application platform for shop-style rapid rise, no doubt has a number of advantages, such as the App Store is more intuitive, interactive experience, such as design and site experience better than text based, intuitive applications through the App Store icon, as a user and platform communication link.

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回忆2010年展望2011年,希望新的一年有新的突破。今天终于静下心来仔细想了想2011年全年规划,其中之一是,学好HTML5,经常关注网络动 …

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