Case Study – Professional Multilanguage Translation of Game

About the Project The client requested us to translate a game into 10 languages (Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Korean, Indonesian). The game is named Fruit Ninja and used for Mobile phone. The file format is excel. Challenges It should be translated into 10 languages. The client’s requirements and/or the […]

/ by hana

White Vengeance and Weiqi Method

This Saturday I watched a movie called White Vengeance. It tells a story which happened at the end of Qin Dynasty. It’s very famous in history, it’s called the dinner at Hongmen where treachery was planned(鸿门宴).

/ by george

Online game market into a period of adjustment

The latest “2010-2011 Chinese game market research report” said that the current online gaming market has entered a period of adjustment. The report notes that the domestic market, since there is a free online game after game, in a very long time sustained high growth, but with the market’s high impulsiveness, a serious operation and development is not balanced, heavy and light R & D operations between the trend to lose the game works attractive to users. This phenomenon caused by the contradictions in this year’s online game gradually began to appear, and the outbreak began in the last two years.

/ by david

A peek on China Unicom’s APP store

Mobile internet trend of the times has come

Smart phones and Ipad have been widely spread our side, these types of mobile terminals, due to advances in technology and the user’s sense experienc, One of China’s biggest telecommunication companies ,China Unicom, provides a very good experience, network speed, and very competitive prices down to offer end users a better mobile Internet experience, I believe that with effort and terminal operators in constant progress, the development of China usher in mobile Internet is relatively large,we can espect a explore of APPS market in China.

/ by david