Wrong words?

When we read a source text for the first time, occasionally there are some words emerge at places where we may think not appropriate for them to appear. In this circumstance, the first idea across my mind is that there must be something wrong, because putting this word here does not make sense. Especially when I meet idiomatic phrases seldom used by Chinese, these words drive me crazy.

/ by zoe

How to translate “for”

When I translate English to Japanese, I always encounter to the preposition “for”. As it has various meanings and many different translation, I was confused about how translate it to Japanese.

/ by yaci

Complicated Structer Sentence’s translation method

We usually see many long English sentences in the press, famous works and some other articles. There are twenty or thirty words, even forty words in one sentence, which will let the readers in a daze and do not know how to translate the words accurately. So it is difficult for us to translate such long, complicated and redundant phrases and sentences. In general, a long sentence is composed of the main clause, subordinate clause and some modifiers. Therefore, we should clarify the relations of these parts during translation, and then we will find it much more easily.

/ by joanna