English in advertisements

As a carrier of information in today’s high-speed commodity economy, advertisements have penetrated into all spheres of life to become indispensable …

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On Translation of English Movie Titles: Mainland VS Hongkong VS Taiwan

Title is the most informative part of a film, which being short in form but rich in meaning, has its own cultural, linguistic, aesthetic features. A good English title can catch the eyes of audience, bring limitless reverie of the film and also reveal the theme or offer some clue to the film fans. The translation of movie title should be concise, condensed and compact. Generally the technologies of English movie translation can be categorized as transliteration, literal translation, and free translation. The translation of the film titles is a special process of re-creation, but it always based on four principles:

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Sharing Some Vocabularies of Sports Betting (2)

Welcome come back to my blog about sharing some vocabularies of Sports Betting (2). The following content follows former one (link: . As former one, the following sports betting vocabularies include English name, Chinese name and English translation.

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Work overview in CCJK

2 weeks passed since I worked in CCJK, the 1st impression ran out of my mind was passion and vitality. All the colleagues around me are quite young and energetic, it makes me quite excited because I like to work in such kind of environment.

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