Try to Improve English Culture learning and awareness

Language and culture are inseparable from each other. In cross-cultural communication, if the parties in the communication cannot enter the same cultural context, it is easy to get confused, and result in communication failure. there comes out a lot of misunderstanding due to the cultural difference.

/ by janet

Religion and Culture

As we know, religion is an important part of the human culture; it plays a vital role in the formatting and developing of languages. In the western world, religion is reflected in the aspects of social life, customs, culture and arts. It is a collection of beliefs about life, purpose, moral values.

/ by vicky

Translation of film subtitle

I think a lot of people prefer watching the American movies during the spare time, since which can not only enrich our free hours, but also we can learn some local translation ways, contrasting the subtitle. Surely not everyone can read, understand the language of the movie which we are not familiar with. So we need the subtitles to help us to convey information. But the translation of the subtitle is not as simple as the words and sentences translation. Many factors like in which age the story, things happened, and social reality, religion, culture, morphological awareness should be taken into account. And as to the English pun, it cannot be simply understood if one has no corresponding background knowledge.

/ by janet

Work overview in CCJK

2 weeks passed since I worked in CCJK, the 1st impression ran out of my mind was passion and vitality. All the colleagues around me are quite young and energetic, it makes me quite excited because I like to work in such kind of environment.

/ by edison