mail with full information is of paramount importance

It’s very common that we use email in our working file every day. And it’s easy to assume that we know how to use email effectively: it’s been around for long enough. As a PM, mastering how to write a wonderful mail is really important, But if you find yourself struggling to communicate effectively by email, I think there are six tips we can follow:

/ by janet

Try to Improve English Culture learning and awareness

Language and culture are inseparable from each other. In cross-cultural communication, if the parties in the communication cannot enter the same cultural context, it is easy to get confused, and result in communication failure. there comes out a lot of misunderstanding due to the cultural difference.

/ by janet

Effective, Smooth and Timely Communication

Successful and seamless project management entails effective, smooth and timely communication between sales, PM and translator. In order to enable the translator to meet the client’s requirements, firstly it is necessary to correctly render such requirements to the translator. The challenge is how to make sure that the client requirements can be passed down correctly from sales to PM and then from PM to translator. The solution is effective, smooth and timely communication.

/ by linda