Case Study: 4 Tips for Dating Chinese Girls

When a person speaks, writes, or even quotes, there are always two levels of meaning of his/her words. By literal understanding, the audience might get frustrated or even devastated, but a sophisticated listener would further dig out the rhetorical level of meaning of them, which, more often than not, could come out as quite a shock of being totally opposite to their literal meaning.

/ by andriy

Sentence structure difference between Chinese and English

English and Chinese are two different languages, there are quite differences when expressing, it will have some positive effects if we understand the difference when translating,and how to minimize the negative effect caused by these differences in translation, by analyzing a lot of examples. English and Chinese belong to entirely different language systems (Indo-European vs. Sino-Tibetan). Not surprisingly, there are vast differences between the two. Sentence structure is one of the areas in which great differences exist. This paper examines and analyzes these differences from the following four prospectives,Then proposals are offered as to how to bridge the gap in the above aspects in translation (mainly from English into Chinese).

/ by janet