My Summary on Work

I have joined ccjk for more than a month, here i want to make a conclusion on my job with the hope to improve my future job.

i know that i made several …

/ by lynn-chen

My Translation Life in CCJK

I still can remember the interview for entering CCJK. The interviewer was our current manager Ben. We have talked for a long time. I decided to work …

/ by hana

Talents Retention

The present time is the time of talent resources competition, talent is the fundament for enterprise survive and development. …

/ by miya

Translation of Negative Sentences

There are so many differences between Chinese and English negative sentence expression in aspects of words, grammar, sentence style etc. In forms of English negative sentences are various. Negative sentence styles include completely negative(完全否定), partially negative(部分否定), meaning negative(意义否定), double-negative(双重否定) and nearly negative(几乎否定). Therefore, we should pay more attention to this kind of sentences, especially during science and technology translation.

/ by hana