My Summary on Work

I have joined ccjk for more than a month, here i want to make a conclusion on my job with the hope to improve my future job.

i know that i made several …

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Khmer Translation Services

Khmer, also called Cambodian, is one of the official languages of Cambodia. It belongs to Austro-Asiatic. In Cambodia, approximately 90% of the population (about 12 million people) uses Khmer. There are about 2 million users in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.
Modern Khmer standard pronunciation is established on the basis of the Phnom Penh dialect, it has no tone, and there are 20 consonants and 8 short vowels, 10 vowels and 13 compound vowels. Different dialects have different vowel and consonant quantity
Khmer is written by Khmer text. Khmer text not only contains letters, but also Khmer figures which is inherited from Indian numerals. In Cambodia, the penetration of Khmer numeral is higher than Arabic numeral.

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