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We know that you are a great player and digs challenges, but as members of Apple Store, our main responsibility is to ensure that more customers can discover how amazing Apple products and solutions are and help them to experience the joy and happiness of the Spring Festival with their family.

我们知道你技艺高超,也敢于挑战,但作为 Apple Store 的一员,我们的主要职责是让更多的顾客能感受到 Apple 产品和解决方案的神奇之处,并帮助他们感受合家欢乐的春节气氛。


Therefore we remind you NOT to experience the App Arcade in the designated event area with your Apple T-shirt on during working hours. However, you can change to casual clothes after your shift and join the customers to experience all you want! Please pass this reminder to every team member around you! 

因此,我们提醒大家,避免在工作时间、身着工服的时候在指定的活动区域体验 App Arcade 。不过,欢迎你在下班换上便装后,加入顾客的行列,尽情体验!也请大家将本条提醒传达给每一位身边的同事!


The event will be held during Workshop interval from February 2nd to 5th.

活动在 2014 年 2 月 2 日 至 2 月 5 日 Workshp 间隙安排。


Whenever there are customers who would like to participate and the number of participants reaches the minimum requirement of the selected game, the session can be started.

当有顾客要参与活动, 但 Workshop 还在进行中时,邀请顾客先参与 Workshop,待 Workshop 结束,并且活动达到所选游戏的最低人数要求时, 该场活动即可以开始。


During the Spring Festival, many customers will visit the Apple Store with their family and friends, who are exactly our targeting participants of the event. So please do encourage them to participate the event together.

新春期间很多顾客会与亲朋好友一起来到 Apple Store,活动的目标顾客正是他们。因此我们一定要鼓励他们一起参加。


The lead of the App Arcade session tries to reach an agreement on which game to play in each session using Apple steps of service. You can, of course, recommend the game for the session according to your understanding of these games and the customers.

当场的 App Arcade 负责人通过 Apple 服务步骤与要参与的全部顾客达成一致意见,来确定该场活动一起来玩哪一款游戏。当然,你也可以通过自己对这些游戏的理解及对在场顾客的了解推荐该场的游戏。


In the competition segment of each session, invite one customer to show how he/she plays the game by using the device the speaker uses and the display.



Each session lasts approximately 10 minutes, which is flexible based on how the event goes and how many customers are waiting for the next round. Each session should not last more than 15 minutes.

每场活动持续时间大致为10 分钟,时间根据活动情况及等候下一轮游戏的顾客的多少灵活掌握。但每场最多不超过15分钟。


Within the 10 minutes, you should complete event organization, selection of the game to play, introduction to the rules, test-plays, competitions and also help the customers download the applications.

在这10分钟内,需要完成活动组织、游戏确定、介绍规则和试玩、比赛,以及协助顾客下载 App 等全部内容。




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