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The client needs a localized website for a multinational company called PROS Pricing. The website should be viewable in both English and Chinese.

Here’s what the client requires:
1. Create one top-level home page with a carousel design
2. Create one English PROS home page and one Chinese PROS home page
3. Create 37 visible English content pages
4. Create 37 visible Chinese content pages
5. Create 62 non-visible English iFrame pages
6. Create 62 non-visible Chinese iFrame pages
7. Create a Chinese/English menu bar that is common to all pages
8. Develop the CSS styling (some creativity is required)
9. Make the website future-portable to another domain using relative links

Each viewable page is made up of several iFrames. Each iFrame is re-used in multiple viewable pages.

We recommended  to use WordPress to develop the bilingual website. We also developed a plugin by ourselves so that all of the contents in the iframes can be updated in the backend of the WordPress, instead of FTP. The client is very satisfied with what we did.


“These guys were absolutely perfect to work with. They found a way to do everything I asked for and never complained about my fastidiousness or asked for more money. There were 17 bidders for the project and these guys were nearly the most expensive, but it was totally worth hiring them. They do quality work. ”

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