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CCJK offers a wide-ranging creative writing service with a goal towards ensuring maximum client satisfaction. What is creative writing? It is the art of expressing ideas and/or thoughts in an imaginative manner. Each client has their own requirements and tasks; our company ensures all projects are carefully fine-tuned in accordance to these pre-requisites.

Hiring a creative writing service might seem difficult. Each client has their own specific idea for a novel and/or document, exceptional memory, or writing a touching poem. Yet, does a client have to write their work alone without professional assistance? The ideas, words and feelings may come from the client, but the methodological application of the English language requires professional and expert knowledge. Our team of experts recognizes the importance of perfection and will deliver it to clients.


Creative writing services are all about being professional and organized. Our company aims to enhance a client’s ideas, thoughts, and feelings as they are put into action. The emotion and sentiment remains intact, while an expert flourish is put into the work at hand. The positive behind using a professional creative writing service comes in the form of having a better chance in the world of publishing. A professional, experienced group of experts will ensure the document to be prepared in a manner that meets industry expectations and standards.

If the work has inconsistent formatting, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, unwinding themes, and trivial sentences, the chances of getting published become minimal with creative writing projects. Our company guarantees all solutions are presented in a professional and appropriate manner as required by the clients and publishing houses around the area.

Forms of Creative Writing

Creative writing services do not have to come under one specific batch. There is a lot of creativity involved in the process and this becomes essential for clients. The differences and nuances between the varying kinds of writing ensures clients are able to pick their specific type. Let’s take a look at some of these types.

Ghost Writing: Ghost writers will pen a story, while the client receives all the credits for the creative writing. Ghost writers are a renowned choice for plays, novels, memoirs, and short stories in the modern market. All non-disclosure agreements are signed beforehand making sure the work remains on the client’s name forever.

Editing: If the client’s idea has already been penned and now requires touching up, this can be provided by our company and its creative writing service. Having the work published requires touch ups in order to polish the piece and ensure it is ready to go in front of a publisher.

Content: Clients can require immediate creative writing with various nuances such as parable, historical, funny, factual, and many more for their own websites or publications. Our company ensures these demands are met.

Creative writing services are much more than a regular, good story. It is the construction of ideas and feelings that are properly placed on paper and into a formidable document. Our company’s team of experts are ready to assist effective immediately and provide brilliant creative writing that meets and exceeds expectations.

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