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Subtitling services provide clients with efficient, professional pop-on captions required to complete the finishing touches on a project. CCJK aims to deliver continuous excellence for all on screen related tasks associated with subtitling solutions. Our team of experts gears all project details around the client’s requirements including the number of lines being utilized per subtitle. Usually, subtitles are placed in the center, near the bottom of the video. Yet, our company is willing to work with clients wishing to try something different and unique such as ‘pop-on captions’, to indicate based on who is speaking.


Video subtitling is utilized for a diverse range of media. Many clients wish to subtitle a digital video, video master Blu-ray /DVD discs, or web videos. CCJK is also willing to incorporate imported subtitle files into a client’s non-linear editing system. Countless subtitles are in foreign languages and placed over the English narration. These needs can be met along with those clients desiring English subtitles for all media related projects to make their videos accessible. Our company is able to export a range of file types to accommodate a client’s project.

Foreign Language Translation

Subtitling translation is one of the most critical aspects of the process. All languages have their own diverse intricacies, which translates into using more/less verbiage to convey the same meaning.  CCJK’s subtitling services ensure that a client’s project is timed in accordance to the professionally crafted script, while being presented in the right dialect for the intended audience. All types of languages are catered to by our company and team of experts.


CCJK’s subtitling services are run by a group of professionals, highly trained experts with apt knowledge in this particular field. The team is able to immediately export documents and files related to the project in order to proceed with English narration in accordance with the media program being used. All of these documents are used as templates for the translator. This level of detail ensures accuracy in relation to the timing is maintained throughout the process. The video and subtitles will always remain in sync because of this focused attention towards timing. All digital files will be passed through the client before being proceeded as a part of our rigorous series of steps.


This video subtitling service recognizes the importance of meeting a client’s established deadlines. Each project has its own requirements and the team of experts ensures all due deliberations are made and implemented on time.

CCJK and its video subtitling team have a renowned reputation for being able to deliver prompt, high-quality service. This is essential for clients wanted results as soon as possible without having to wait around unnecessarily.

Our video subtitling service is one of the finest on the market and is available for clients from a range of different markets. Our team of experts recognizes the various intricacies associated with media and subtitling. This experience is immediately implemented into the client’s project and ensures the final product is stunning and appeases the client’s needs. Subtitling services have never been as easy or straightforward as they are with CCJK.

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