Telephone and Remote Interpretation

Telephone and Remote Interpretation

CCJK’s telephone interpretation services are an innovative strategic direction in the business world to minimize the high cost of opposing interpreting solutions. The rapid development of this solution is a testament to its efficiency. Government services, healthcare, customer care centers, and many others are some of the largest users of telephone interpreting. Offering a wide ranging list of languages and a response time among the fastest in the business, we have many clients seeking our remote interpretation services.

CCJK’s efficiency based business model ensures quality is the foundation for driving its telephone interpretation services. Our company is geared towards guaranteeing the finest possible return on investment of all clients using the services. All facets of our company’s language solutions business – technology, processes, and interpreter resources are calculated with an eye towards quality.


Only the finest interpreters qualify to represent the lingual voices of a client’s customers with this remote interpretation service. From French to Zulu, our company’s interpreters support many languages and dialects, while remaining a call away from providing immediate service. Our company offers a wide-ranging network of specialized interpreters to tap the greatest linguistic skills and means.


Linguistic specialization might seem as being an evident qualification, but CCJK’s standards are not only reliant on proficiency with its telephone interpretation. The mastery of both English and the required foreign language is of immense importance. This is an essential quality and performance distinction, especially from providers that deliver overseas utilizing multilinguals who may not have fluent English skills required for immediate and efficient interpretation.

Interpretation Skills

With years of experience in the language solutions industry, first situating our reputation with telephone interpretation services, our company represents a rigorous focus towards a code of standards. As a remote interpretation service, this company is well aware of the importance of accuracy and verbal fluency that true specialization delivers.

Cultural Ability

The world of business is diverse in nature and linguistically with telephone interpretation. In many nations, each place has its own nuances and distinctions that are local to the area. These differences transcend into the world of linguistics with regional expressions and idiomatic expressions finding a way into conversations. Our company ensures all interpreters are well versed with these nuances from the beginning. All interpreters have the cultural ability necessary to deliver accurate, precise interpretation.

Customer Service

Our telephone interpretation services are the voice for our customers. Not only is this company the voice of our customers, it is the voice of all customer service representatives facilitating communication between customers and agents. As a representing voice for a client’s agent, CCJK recognizes the importance of efficient customer service and its effect on lingual markets around the world. Each market has its own brand loyalty and brand advocates at the community level. Guaranteeing an established customer experience through efficient customer service is essential for all calls made.

CCJK proceeds to break call records with its telephone interpretation services. Our company’s operational mechanisms and technological aptitude guarantee scalability, service level performance, and business continuity.

This telephone interpretation service is one the finest in the world and continues to produce results for all enterprises associated with it.

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