On-site Interpretation

On-site Interpretation

CCJK offers on-site interpretation services and it is typically referred to as “in-person interpreting services”. Clients requiring immediate interpretation services can opt for this service where the interpreter is physically present for all necessary interpretations. Clients are ensured of the highest quality along with affordable services delivered by bilingual linguists with extensive experience in interpretation services.

Unlike telephone interpreting or video interpreting services, our interpreters work hand in hand with clients and can easily adapt to any environment. They are able to professionally meet various needs and requirements of the clients with clear pronunciation, honesty, and accuracy. The interpreters are easy to communicate, trained to find the most appropriate words for interpretation purposes and they boast excellent mental stamina to endure high pressure situations with an extensive knowledge in the field.

Take Advantage of CCJK On-site Interpretation Services

CCJK is capable of providing superior on-site interpretation services. By maintaining superior quality, CCJK can guarantee a higher success rate within the industry. It simply means that clients will gain a number of benefits, which include helping decrease administrative costs across their enterprise. The on-site interpreting services by CCJK are specifically designed to help out in lengthy meetings or interviews, complex issues, group meetings, cases involving a limited English speaker, and if he/she feels uncomfortable using the telephone interpretation services.

There are several key benefits that clients can gain with the on-site interpretation services offered by CCJK. Firstly, there is a secure online booking system implemented for all clients. Next, the interpreters are reliable and professional, boasting years of experience in the field. Thirdly, the services are culturally sensitive concerning gender and dialect accuracies for interpretations. Fourthly, all interpreters are initially screened and tested for the client’s peace of mind. Personal approaches are designed and used for clients with personal apprehensions related to the service being rendered.

Enhance the Quality of Your Customer Service Experience

Aside from the benefits gained by using the services of CCJK, our company stands out because of its professionalism and attention to detail. Only the finest customer service is delivered to our clients. With an emphasis on understanding the practical needs of the clients as well as providing the best interpretation translation, pre-sales service advisors will see to it that all questions or concerns are taken care of, while being responsive throughout the service. CCJK maintains a confidentiality policy for all clients and their projects. In doing so, CCJK will ensure that there is no disclosure of information involved with the source files to third party entities without permission from the client. There is a non-disclosure agreement provided to clients if requested for the on-site interpretation services.

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