Basic Malayalam Phrases

I – Nyaan

He – Avan

She – Aval

You – Nee/ningal(to show politeness and also as  plural)/

It – Itu/atu

This – Itu

That – Atu

A – Oru

Yes – Ate, aanu

Come – Varu/varuka (to come)

Came – Vannu

Will come – Varum

Open – Turakku/turakkuka (to open)

Opened – Turannu

Will open – Turakkum

Sit – Irikku/irikkuka (to sit)

Sat – Irunnu

Will sit – Irikkum

He eats an apple – Avan oru apple tinnunnu

He is eating an apple – Avan oru apple tinnu-kondirikkuka-yaanu

He ate an apple – Avan oru apple tinnu

I saw the film last week – Nyaan kazhinya aazhcha film kandu

She came by bus yesterday – Aval innale basil vannu (importance for‘came’)/

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