Down-to-earth. 平易近人,不摆架子。 It’s very important for people about the relationship. So in all kinds of human’s languages, there are abundant words and phrases to describe our personalities. We usually say that the celestial stand high above the masses.

Oppositely, when the celestial down to earth, they are the same the us, that means they are easy-going. So the phrase of “down to earth” is usually be used to described the people is friendly to others. I am all ears. 我洗耳恭听.

The meaning of the whole sentence is telling the listener the ears growth all of my body, so I am listening your words. What’s the meaning of that is I’m very carefully listening what you are saying.

I am all thumbs. 笨手笨脚、一窍不通。 It seems that our thumbs are moving less that other fingers and it is only all of the fingers cooperate well that we can handle things successfully; or all our fingers are thumbs, how difficult would it be for us to work well.

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So the phrase of “I am all thumbs.” is be used to describe the people are ham-handed. I can’t top that. 我赢不过你。 The meaning of top that is go beyond something, the meaning of the whole sentence for “I can’t top that.” is that the condition and ability of the adversary has been that best, so it’s impossible to beyond him/her.

However, it usually be used to compliment others intentionally, then you can say “I can’t top that.”. Don’t bother. 不用麻烦了。 The meaning of “bother” is disturbing others. But the meaning of “Don’t bother” is to tell others don’t do something troublesomely.

When you say this words to others that means you are thankful what he/she did for you or just reject others’ help. Both are fine. back to back. 蝉联、卫冕、连胜两次。 Most of Chinese think “second win” as “back to back”. When we say that, if there is American, who heart your words, maybe think what you want to say is that is the second time to win in the football game.

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The meaning of “back to back.” is one by one. So when it is used into describing which said is win, the meaning of it is win twice. I didn’t mean to stand you up. 我不是有意要放你鸽子的(爽约)。

Of course, all of us know what’s the meaning of “Stand up”, but when it is used in the condition of meeting with somebody, and no matter what’s the reason you didn’t come, with he/she waited for you helplessly. Then you would say sorry to him/her, you can say “I didn’t mean to stand you up”.

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