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The German language belongs to the West Germanic languages and is therefore related to English and German translation. There are approximately 120 million native speakers and around 80 million non-native speakers in the world.

The forming of the German language began from around the 6th century during the so called “migration period” in Europe, in which large numbers of people from various nations and tribes moved around Europe.

Old High German dialects separated from Old Saxon and further changes to the languages occurred over the following centuries. Only at the beginning of the 20th century today’s standard German was officially established in writing and pronunciation.

Nowadays, German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and the official language in Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein, and also one of the official languages in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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There are also smaller German speaking communities in Northern parts of Italy, in Belgium, as well as other areas in Eastern Europe, North- and South America.In the English speaking world, German is also the third most taught foreign language, after French and Spanish.

Various reports and market research statistics (dating back a few years) suggested that around 7% of the internet population is German and 12% of Google users use the German language interface.

Germany has the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world (by nominal GDP), has been on the forefront of a more globalized economy, and is amongst the top importers and exporters in the world.

This widespread popularity and use of the German language, as well as the above mentioned status of Germany being one of the major importers and exporters, means that translation into German become increasingly.

Translating your website or documents into German allows you to potentially reach up to 120 million German speaking people around the world. Even with a generally good knowledge of English, people always feel more confident to get crucial information about business matters and purchases in their mother tongue.

CCJK Technologies has a large number of experienced, qualified and native German translators, linguists, proofreaders and editors, both in-house and externally. They are specialized in various subject areas, be it healthcare, technical, financial or legal documents, and can cover translations into German from most source languages.

Additionally, we also created extensive German glossaries and so called translation memories for a wide range of subject areas. You can therefore be confident that your documents will be translated into German to the highest standards and with accurate and professional terminology.

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