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Do you have large capacity of material in your website or any application that needs to be translated on regular basis? If yes, this CCJK human Translation API is certainly for you.

CCJK API integrates into your CMS or application, your data is simultaneously being translated as you transfer it. Completed translated files are posted to you through email. Unbelievably true! It’s hassle-free, quick; saves both time and money in staff training.

How To Connect

Its simple! You request a task to be translated through the CCJK API,  we assign a specialized industry-specific translator to your task. Upon completion, you can retrieve the task through API, approve and give acceptance.

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CCJK offers industry-specific experienced translators. A single native manager is allocated for the whole task ensuring the quality and accuracy in our translation services.

circle_2 Compatibility

Our API is a REST based API that can be called using almost any modern web based technologies such as PHP, .NET, JAVA, Coldfusion, Ruby and plain old HTML or AJAX.

circle_2 User-Friendly

CCJK API offers easy to use drop source files and fetch translated files. One Click transfer of content saves time and reduces errors. One of our experts will assist you with integration, no technical know-how is required for all CMS products thereafter.

circle_2 Fast Turnaround Time

Our API clients enjoy fast turnaround time for their translation services. However Turn-around time can vary based on work-flow as well as on the complexity of the job itself, especially in the case of multilingual.

API Documentation

circle_2Getting Started

Explore API Documentation and get an overview of methods you can use to place translation order, retrieve order details and more.

circle_2 Client Libraries

For PHP developers we have developed client library to call our APIs. You can download from GitHub. Our engineering team is working for Java, Ruby and .Net client libraries. We will launch it very soon.

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