What are the Benefits of Language Games?

Gone are the days when children loved to play outdoor activities. Some parents still encourage their kids to play outdoor games. Due to technological advancements, mobile and the internet have become a basic necessity of life. The instinct of the children is to explore things and play games.

/ by AZ Susan

How to Learn Sign Language? Here’re Some Quick Tips

Sign language is a major source of communication for the deaf and hearing impairment community. Face expressions, hand movements, hand shapes, and lip patterns are used to comprehend your message to people who are either deaf or have difficulty hearing.

/ by AZ Susan

What is AI Translation And How Does It Work?

Artificial Intelligence involves using machine learning to enable machines or software to complete tasks without human intervention. The kinds of AI differ, but they all are based on the power of processing to identify patterns in data

/ by AZ Susan

What is the Easiest way to Learn Spanish?

Spanish is an important and popular language. There is no shortcut and neither a single technique that makes learners remember and learn Spanish overnight. However, adopting a few effective techniques can help to learn Spanish easily. 

/ by AZ Susan

Top 10 World’s Most Translated Books

The translation industry is quite diverse and from fiction to nonfiction, the writing, comic books, and a lot of these have been translated into a plethora of languages. The world’s most translated books include religious books and children’s books mainly.

/ by AZ Susan

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