Which Languages Are Spoken In Greece?

Spoken for some 4000 years, ‘Greek’, is widely considered to be the oldest language in Europe, which is majorly spoken in Greece. During the colonization of the Middle East, which took place under the reign of Alexander the Great, Greek was the lingua franca there, as a result of which many modern European languages owe […]

/ by Shahzad Bashir

How Many Countries are There in the World?

The question “how many countries are in the world?” seems to be quite simple. But the reality is it is far more complicated than it seems to be, because of political, socio-economic, and geographical complexities.

/ by AZ Susan

How can I learn Chinese in 5 minutes?

In the busy world and everyday routine of today, people prefer things that take less time. Although this does not apply to all disciplines, learning a subject in 5 minutes is surely a miracle in itself. One such discipline is Chinese language learning.

/ by AZ Susan

English Speaking Countries in Europe (2021)

We live in a globalized world where people speak multiple languages. We cannot learn all the languages. So, which is the universal language to communicate fearlessly around the world. It is the English language.

/ by AZ Susan

Top 15 Languages of the Future

People speak multiple languages around the world. Each country in the world has its official language. However, to deal with other countries, they have to communicate with them in their native language. In this way, some languages hold global importance. Due to global use, some languages are flourishing whereas some languages are getting extinct.

/ by AZ Susan

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