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About English-Chinese Translation

In our English-Chinese translation, the translation about English for Science and Technology (called EST for short) accounts for main proration of our translation. From my aspect I find confirming the precise meaning of specific words and making the whole sentence comply with Chinese meaning are two difficult fields for me. Here, I will cite some sentences of English for Science and Technology mainly from the book “The Universe in a Nutshell”, a scientific book which is difficult to understand, to illustrate what is appropriate translation.

The confirmation of words’ meanings

As we known an English word has many meanings, in different context usually only one meaning to fit it. Sometimes we should extend the words’ meaning based on the context because there is no suitable meaning to apply for the text. In our translation, we shall broaden our knowledge range which could help us find the fittest meaning when translating texts belonging to different technology areas. I will illustrate some examples to share with others hereinafter.

Ukrainian Translation Service in CCJK

As we know, English is a language which is widest used in the world. Almost all translation companies provide service in the field because of its widest usage. In our company, CCJK, not only provide English translation service but also provides other language translation service including Portuguese, Serbian, Georgian, Romanian, Hindi, Tagalog, Korean and so on. Ukrainian is one of them.

Accumulation Gradually in Translation

English, as a language, consists of lots of content, some of which has laws, while some of which does not have laws. Thus such much content, which does not have laws, allows us to learn and accumulate little by little. For us Chinese people, of course other foreigners, who do not speak English as their mother language as well, always translate English by using the habits and thoughts in their language in potential consciousness, which lead to the sentences inaccurate and the native speakers are confused. Some following sentences are illustrated as examples, which our Chinese people always use them in the wrong way.

Some Obstacle in Translation

While we Chinese learn English for many years, we still have some obstacle in translation, especially for professional translation such as technical translation and financial translation. Some problems provided in following text are common problems when we translate English to Chinese.

A Common Problem, Ignoring the Expression Habits of English

The international activities are really common as China becoming a big export country in the world. Translator, as a bridge, in connecting both parties in business activities is very important. Because of the wider range in business, there are more translation tasks for translators to do. Someone, who does not have experience in foreign trade business or not have basic knowledge about foreign trade, might not translate business English effectively. Translators shall master the principles and skills in translating business English. This article, through some examples in foreign trade translation, discusses some common problems in business English translation.