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Try to Make a Good Website

Good websites share something in common that nearly all of them can give people a strong impression at the first sight. Having a fine design website is a direct way to promote the traffic of your website and bring your online business and income. However, if your web design is in a mess and far from people’s acceptance, consider your potential clients as virtually invisible on the web.




SEO quake Diagnosis
SEO keyword Density

用好SEOquake Diagnosis这个工具,每一个部分都可以点击左侧的Show Advice,利用它提供的建议,尝试将×的部分都变为√。

Differences between Localization and Translation

Generally speaking, Translation is the process of converting words or text from one language to another. An accurate translation is not a simple word-for-word swap but a mechanical conversion which requires clear and complete understanding of the original words or text. For a translator, translation is a challenge that it must consider the background effects of target language.

Can an iPad replace your laptop?

Two short years, from 2010 to 2012, has witness the great success of this device. It has gone from a curiosity to a household name. IPad, a creative and wonderful device in technology industry, has changed the way of people think or consider. The Apple has been emphasizing the importance of iPad since Steve Jobs pulled back the curtain on the first iPad.

iOS app Translation & Localization

Until 2011, the world has realized that the former CEO of Apple, Steeve Jobs, made one of the most amazing mobile technologies for people. The iPhone series became the best seller in the year 2011 and 2012 according to the survey of Engadgat.com. The Finest design and easiest operation win the favor of global customers. Although the English-speaking App Store market is the largest, there are still plenty of other language iPhone users in the world and you can greatly increase their user experience and expand your business by supporting their native language.