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Live and Learn

We will learn some important translation skills just from the simple phrase. Wide views in a small confined space

User manual translation-Part 1

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more products appeared in such short time. At the same time, as the economy grows globally, the international communication becomes more frequently and many products are promoted and sold abroad. To let the products could be accepted by local as quickly as possible, the products’ introduction will be translated into the corresponding target language, to let it be localized.

How to Handle Long Sentences

There are many long sentences for English, which has many complicated structure, phrases and clause. While it is prone to use short and simple sentences for Chinese. So we should pay attention to this during translation. And we should take appropriate translation ways to handle this, to let the translation be accurate and correct as much as possible. One of the method is to cut the sentences into several parts, expressing the meaning easily.