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Fast & Quickly (Cont)

There are also some other phrase which have this kind of meaning. For example: “Heavy” and “weighty”(with the meaning of “重” in Chinese), “dear” and “expensive” (with the meaning of “贵” in Chinese),“likely”and “possible” (with the meaning of “可能” in Chinese).

Fast & Quickly

These two words both have the meaning of “快” in Chinese. What is the difference between them? Why this sentence “那个小孩拼命快跑” is translated into “The boy ran as quickly as he could/as his legs could carry him”?

Brief Introduction of Trados Studio 2009

Trados Studio 2009 is an updated version from SDL Trados 2007, the translation software, which was widely used around the world. Now we will give you a simple and brief introduction about how to use Trados Studio 2009.

How to choose the appropriate word

we should choose the appropriate word after we get clear about the meanings according to the context. And we should not connect the English words with the Chinese word equally without the context. During looking up in a dictionary, we should also take a carefully look at all the meaning and select the right word for translation.