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Project document management and backup

Document management of all Translation and DTP projects is the basis of the whole project which can be carried out smoothly. Good document management can help to store all project-related documents, and effectively prevent loss of any information. Based on the commonality of all projects, well-trained project managers usually predefine a set of project file structure and apply into all projects, and project members are asked to store the related documents in the appropriate folder as per agreed practices. This do helps project managers to effectively control and manage the documents.

Ways to convert between CHS and CHT in ttx file

Suppose you have a translation project, need to translate both CHS and CHT with the same delivery time. To make conversion between the two languages can be a good way to save working time and make timely delivery. It is very easy to make conversion directly in MS Word file as Word has such function.

Tips on how to use search engine

As a translator, it is not enough to only use all kinds of dictionaries, nowadays it is absolutely necessary to master the skill of searching with search engine, especially in the era of information explosion. To use search engine is more effective and convenient.