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Localization Project Management Stages

Localization projects, different from the normal, due to the need for localization clients usually want to withdraw the product in various markets worldwide, so the project tended to cover a multi-lingual scale. Taking the market in Asian for example, customer often requirements for localization of the target language to be Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, which names as CCJK. Therefore, the typical feature for the Localization projects is that one project includes sub projects. To some extends, it will make the project getting tough.

Common Localization Term and Explanations

Common Localization Term and Explainations

There are many terms will appear in the localization projects, and the most commonly used ones will be showed in this blog:

UTF-8: UTF-8 is 8-bit Unicode Transfer Format, and it is the Unicode format.

Windows Help, WinHelp: It will help RTF format and bitmap to create Help for windows.

Build Enviroment: it will help the software to compile the applications for software.

Online help documentation localization projects

Online help documentation localization projects

Online help documentation localization is an important component of localization projects. It covers the following items during the process: Evaluation and preparation, format conversion for various documents, reuse on the resources, checking on the translated documents, image editing, compile localized online help documents, fix the defects in the help documents.