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Best Practice for Android App Translation within CCJK

The Android operating system runs on a wide array of smart devices, which could be made by manufacturers of all sizes, using electronic components with very different specs. The power of open source has helped Android unite most smart device manufacturers in the world and grab the first place in mobile OS market share.

Copywriting, Content Marketing and SEO Writing

Copywriting is the act of writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product and it is often designed to call upon the action of the target audience to make a specific move, mostly making a purchase, subscribe to the newsletter, signing up for a web product and so forth. And so call-to-action is the foremost concern when writing an ad copy, otherwise you will just lose the sight of why you are writing it.

CCJK’s Vision Statement

Devoted to integrating worldwide resources and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, CCJK Technologies has been unswervingly targeting every piece of the newest resources in sight and bridging between the resource and its applicable market.

10 Lead-generating Best Practices for Email Marketing

Email marketing could count as the no. 1 commonest and most effective direct marketing that millions of companies apply for the generation of new businesses and customer loyalty cultivation. However, improper strategies deployed by most companies lack the insight and only rampage into the prospect’s inbox or even directly into the spam/trash bin with no clear purpose, effective persuasion, or friendly layout and content to the filtering system.