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10 Best Books to Learn Spanish

Spanish is the romance language and it is widely spoken around the world. It is native to 400 million speakers. Therefore, it is a dominant language in terms of its speakers and in terms of the number of countries in which it is spoken. Pronunciation and usage of the Spanish language is different because of […]

Top 10 Translation Companies in the UK | CCJK

The UK is one of the biggest urban and over-populated countries in the world. It is home to 8 million citizens that speak multiple languages. Therefore, it is called a melting pot of cultures and nations. Approximately 300 different languages are spoken in the UK. To communicate with people that speak different languages, you need […]

Why Literary Translation is Important

Translation is the process of conversion from one language to another. We all know that. But translations of some content require a different approach. One such content type is literary translation. Literary subject matter experts and literary translation services carry out these translations.   Literary translation is basically the translation of creative prose into other […]

What is Medical Translation & How to Become a Medical Translator

Medical translation is one of the critical translations because human health and life depend upon it. The major challenge that comes with medical translation is that medical terminologies vary in every country. The medical translator should be aware of these terminologies.   Moreover, they need to keep themselves updated with every new research in the […]

How a Multi-Language Website can Benefit your Business

In this era of globalization, everyone wants to expand their business outside the borders. A website is an effective tool to entice your prospective customers. It is the first point of customer interaction with your business. Digitization has made this task easier. You can easily expand your business outside the borders in no time. With […]