In Chinese, we know that “群” is a quantifier, it can be combined with different people or objects to express different meaning; however there are a variety of different words in English to indicate the similar word. I list some common usage of this word that we often encountered during reading or writing.

1. “群” with respect to human beings

More than 1 word in English used to describe a group of people and divide into different expression. Summarized as follows:

Crowd is a basic word used to indicate 群 and normally means “a group of people without organization or order. In terms of quantity, “Crowd” is more than group, but less than “host”. In terms of density, crowd is usually referred to as “crowded with people. Such as: he pushed his way through the crowd. Common set of words: a crowd of people; a crowd of spectators; a crowd of boys; a crowd of players.

Group usually refers to a certain form of organization and no meaning of “crowded” from the implication. Both group can be referred to people and could also go with objects which means “property”, Common set of words: a group of persons who make laws; a group of aeroplanes; a group of wood carvings.

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Host is not frequently used by us, but actually in English this word also means “a large number, many”,such as a host of difficulties and a host of thoughts. When host explained as 群, specially refers to “large group and great nuber”. Common set of words:a host of children; a host of gymnasts; a host of rivals.

Troop is another word which used in English to indicate “great many and large numer”, normally means a group of marching humans or other animals group. Common set of words: a troop of antelopes; a troop of demonstrants; a troop of soldiers.

Band or Gang These two words have obvious contempt color and often match with negative words. Band usually refers to “robbers, criminals and other evil groups while Gang usually referrs to “the gang of slaves, prisoners or people commit crime. Common set of words: a gang of thieves; a gang of convicts; a band of gangsters; a band of robbers.

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