According to the Chinese zodiac, your sign is the animal of the year in which you were born. Every 12 years, therefore, your sign comes around once again. This is called your zodiac year and happens when you turn 12,24,36,48,60 and so on.

Your zodiac year is considered a sensitive and unlucky period. During the year one should practice caution. It is a common practice for people in their zodiac year to wear at least some red, be it a belt, underwear or socks, to protect them from misfortune.

Animals have played an important role in the life and culture of Chinese people from prehistoric times. In a sense, there is no distinction made between real and mythological animals when they are seen as symbols.

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Let’s look some words related to Chinese Culture:

神灵—gods, divinities


娘娘—used in speaking to or of an empress or an imperial concubine

腾飞—to fly swiftly upward; to soar

威武雄壮—full of power and grandeur

皇权—imperial power

天子—the Son of Heaven

龙颜—imperial countenance

紫禁城—the Forbidden City


牛郎— cowherd

织女—weaver girl

七夕— the seventh evening of the seventh lunar month

银河—the Milky Way

鹊桥—Magpies Bridge

福—good fortune; Blessing; happiness

禄—official rank and salary

寿— long life; longevity

抖搂—to shake off

益鸟—beneficial bird

纪年—a way of numbering the years

生肖—any one of the 12 symbolic animals associated with 12-year cycle, used to denote the year of a person’s birth


本命年—every 12th year after the year of one’s birth

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