Weibo Becomes Exclusive Social Media Partner of CCTV in World Cup

6 月 2 日,微博正式发布世界杯战略,宣布成为央视 5 套 2014 年世界杯社交媒体独家合作伙伴。巴西世界杯期间,微博将联手央视推进台网联动合作模式,并且在重大体育赛事上首次打造跨屏话题互动,实现直播社交化。伴随赛事和节目进程,微博将以超过 150 个热门话题为基础,带来跨平台、跨屏幕、多终端的全新互动体验,为观众和网友打造一站式世界观赛平台。

On June 2, Weibo released it strategies for the upcoming World Cup 2014 and announced its exclusive partnership with CCTV 5 as a social media for the event. During the event in Brazil, Weibo will cooperate with CCTV to promote the TV-Web joint-broadcasting mode and realize cross-screen topic interaction for the first time during a significant sport event for a social live broadcasting mode. Along with the match and program, Weibo will, on a basis of over 150 hot topics, bring the new cross-platform, cross-screen and multi-terminal interactive experience and set up a one-stop platform for watching World Cup matches for audience and users.

随着赛事临近,微博上也已经掀起了有关世界杯的讨论热潮。截止 5 月 31 日,微博上世界杯相关内容的阅读量已经超过 1 亿次,其中热度最高的话题#世界杯#阅读量近 8000 万次。

As the event approaches, a upsurge of discussion on it has been raised on Weibo. Up to May 31, the pageviews of World Cup-related content on Weibo has exceeded 100 millions and including nearly 80 millions for the hottest topic #World Cup#.

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国际足联的数据显示,上届世界杯期间中国的收视人数高居全球第一,并创造了单场比赛收视人数 5200 万的记录。央视-索福瑞的数据也显示,央视 5 套在上届世界杯期间相同时段收视率最高达到原先的 20 倍。业内人士分析,微博的互动价值将极大扩展体育赛事直播中网民的参与性,通过微博上的讨论和互动能够吸引更多人关注和收看世界杯节目,有望刺激世界杯收视率的进一步提升。

According to data from FIFA, the number of people watching the World Cup on TV during the event, ranking the first around the world and setting a record that 52 million audience watch a same game on TV at the same time. It is also shown by CSM’s data that the maximum audience rating of CCTV 5 in a same period during the last World Cup reaches the 20 times of the previous.

As analyzed by insiders, the Weibo’s value on interaction will extremely increase the participation of netizens in live broadcasting of sports events; the discussions and interactions on Weibo will attract more people to follow and watch World Cup-related programs are expected to stimulate the further increase of World Cup audience rating.

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